Ways to Bring Nature into Your Home or Office

Home is where the heart is, but not always do our interiors reflect a natural habitat. When we are constantly surrounded by brick and cement, we can lose the feeling of oneness with the earth and all its unique elements. The natural world has so much to offer us, and the loss of connection to nature can be more impactful than we know. Although we are intertwined with nature, our urban dwellings and modern lifestyles can sometimes get in the way of taking in that much-needed scenery or breath of fresh air. Nature lovers truly understand the incredible benefits for our mental and emotional health when we get outside and play. Whether it be a low-impact walk, stroll, a meet-up in a park, sitting by the ocean or lake, or doing a bit of gardening on the weekends. 

They have even studied it! Environmental psychology believes that nature has a significant and vital contribution to how we behave, think, and feel. Nature, therefore, directly affects our development and how we conduct ourselves as human beings. Thus, promoting a healthy balance between our habitats and the natural ecosystems around us. 

Natural light, for example, is something we just can't live without. Our homes are always designed to allow for natural light. We all know how crucial soaking up the sun's rays creates a more positive mood. Vitamin D is for our health, fighting off infections in the body, increasing endorphins, and reducing stress. 

Humans are adaptive and can constantly change and improve their environments. Bringing in nature to your home or office will help cleanse your space, improve your mood, deepen your spiritual connection, increase your focus and bring ambiance to your home. 

Canvas Portraits for Healing 

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Naturalize your device 

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Plants for Cleaning Indoor Air & Flower Power 

A no-brainer. The best way to incorporate nature in your home is with lots of green and vibrant potted plants within your home. But how to choose? The best plants to purify your home, firstly decide on the location. For the office, a plant that hangs over a bookshelf like the Philodendron Green, is low maintenance and loves to grow. In the bedroom, the Peace Lilly (for non-allergy sufferers) is a night hawk; it produces oxygen as you sleep and removes common toxins found in the home. The Rubber Tree is an excellent choice in the living room if you have a good light source and you don't need to water too often. It removes carbon dioxide from the home and should have lots of space around it to absorb. Finally, fresh-cut flowers are the most calming and beautiful way to bring that lovely energy into your home. Pick in-season flowers; they tend to be less expensive than elaborate bouquets, and opt for locations like your bedroom, office desk, or kitchen. Their aromatherapeutic effects improve mood and freshen the air and add a gorgeous scent. 

Water Features 

Move to the sound of water. Calm sounds such as the trickling or bubbling of water have a soothing effect on the mind and body. Suppose you are adventurous and have space in your garden. In that case, a water fountain installation is a perfect oasis to escape to. For the smaller area, something as simple as a desktop fountain can be easily added. A small or large water feature can reduce noise pollution and humidify the air. So take those mindful moments to check-in, tune in to your fountain, and breathe. 

Natural Materials in your Home Decor 

There are many ways to add natural fibers into your home, from hanging Macrame to maple and oak furniture. 100% linen or cotton bed sheets paired with a wicker bedstand and wood shelving is a beautiful way to encourage a light yet refreshing look to your bedroom. Thrift rustic, farm-to-table pieces that you can add to your kitchen or dining room. A natural wreath during winter or beach driftwood during summer? Hanging dried herbs in your kitchen. The possibilities are endless, without needing to go out and purchase new furniture. Simply add small natural pieces to elevate and calm any space. 

To truly connect, we also need to let ourselves disconnect. Improving your air quality with fresh flowers and plants, hanging beautiful canvas portraits are all ways to bring nature close. Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, let nature do its work, and take that deep relaxing moment of zen. These elements can bring you closer to nature and remind you of its exquisite beauty. Taking time to be in nature is just as important. Make time for yourself and for those needed walks to refresh and reset. 

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