Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

With Mother's Day just around the corner (Sunday, May 9th) and this year being so different from the previous years, show your spouse or mother(s) in your life just how much you care. Continuing in your family tradition or wanting to reach out and acknowledge a mother who has touched your life goes a long way.  Kindness and compassion are cultivated and made abundant, as the pandemic has taught us this past 2020. For the moms reading this who absolutely should treat themselves whether you've been a mother for many years or are recently expecting, keep on reading; this is also for you. 

This year there is room for new ways to approach Mother's Day. You can give back to others in your community, share your support for a delicious culinary experience,  invest in a new hobby, renew an old passion or dive deep into the family gene pool.  

For some Mothers Day inspiration this year, we bring you a unique take on some ideas to treat the mother in your life. 

23 and Me 

You may be curious why this is top of the list, but now, our health and well-being are on our minds more than ever. With a wellness approach, 23 and Me have put together a Health and Ancestry kit to honor Mother's Day and get to know your genealogy. Taking a closer look into our genetic history, rather than just a family tree. They note on their website, "Get personalized genetic insights and tools that can help make it easier for you to take action on your health." Health predispositions, wellness, and carrier status as the three areas of focus in this kit's results. This may not be for everyone, but if you have ever been curious about your ancestry or genealogy, their mothers day sale might be a great time to invest.  


Invest in a new hobby 

Not only moms can benefit from a new hobby, with everyone having some extra time at home this past year. However, if she hadn't already picked up a new passion project, now can be a perfect time. You know her best, so depending on what she might want to explore or what her interests are, not to mention her dislikes, finding a way to try something new even together (when safe to do so) creates some much-needed distraction and passion from life. To start this process, do your homework. Investigate and learn something about your mom or spouse that they used to enjoy when they were younger or had to give up after the demands of motherhood took over. Get her back into her passions in life and be there to support her each step of the way. For creative passions that involve some guidance, a subscription to Skillshare is a wonderful gift. There are thousands of online learning courses for just about every creative endeavor or hobby imaginable. Easy to use and watch at your own pace. 


Inspire her with the new home decor spring designs from Pristine Images.

A fresh take on this new season and for her home or home office. There is a canvas image for every room that will perfectly match. The stylish and attractive designs blend in with any interior, whether sober office style or cozy home decor. A fun and fresh new phone case will surely brighten the mood and offer some much-needed device protection. It is an ideal gift for those moms that are always, and with no fault of their own, dropping their mobile device. Not only does it offer a solution to avoiding worrying about her phone all the time but a fresh and vibrant design to relax the mind and provide that aesthetic charm. 


Brunch Delivery 

You may not be able to make her a special brunch this year, whether it be the long-distance or for safety reasons; however, ordering a special brunch for delivery from your local restaurant is a game-changer. Not only do you get to support your local restaurant establishment this year, which would have usually be booked solid, but you can treat her to a wonderful culinary experience in her own home. Perhaps your cooking wasn't always the best, anyways. Head online and type in 'mother days brunch delivery' into your search engine and narrow down the region or city you want to order from. There will be so many suggestions and delicious ideas. Bon appetit! 


Honor your mother by helping another

Give the greatest gift of giving back and supporting a family and a mother in need. You can greatly impact a mother's life and their child through a donation at your local women's shelter or family shelter. Times are tough, and a small donation can make all the difference. This doesn't need to be your only Mothers Day gift either; you can add it in. Making her Day with a special gift and a beautiful heartfelt message of hope and support that includes every mother. There are gift bags and donations that you can purchase directly online. You can type 'mothers day for women in need near me' in your search engine. There you will be able to look into the various causes, charities, and shelters to find one that speaks to you. 


There is always an occasion to treat your mother. As Mother's Day approaches, it provides the perfect opportunity to do so. Whether you are gifting a fresh canvas print, encouraging an old or new hobby, surprising her with a gastronomical delight, or giving back to your local community, you are showing her you care. After all, being thankful and spreading compassion is what mothers do best. 


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